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Daily rent apartments Yuzhnyi

34 EUR


2 rooms +3809368254...
42 EUR

Primorskaya-ul, 11

3 rooms +3809910654...
11 EUR


1 rooms +38(050) 956-03...
15 EUR

Ivanova-ul, 26

1 rooms +3806796892...
15 EUR

Ivanova-ul, 26

1 rooms +3809612069...
15 EUR

Lenina-ul, 1

2 rooms +38(063) 631-24...
23 EUR

Desanta-ul, 10

1 rooms +38(093) 954-35...
13 EUR

Stroiteley-ul, 1

2 rooms +3806321321...
25 EUR

Stroiteley-ul, 7

2 rooms +3809727090...
55 EUR

Primorskaya-ul, 19

3 rooms +09715028...
15 EUR


1 rooms +3809346991...
11 EUR

Ctroiteley-ul, 9

1 rooms +3809364374...
25 EUR

Prospekt-mira, 25

2 rooms +3809662769...
42 EUR


3 rooms +38093 906 71 ...
17 EUR

Himikov-ul, 20

2 rooms +3806361345...
19 EUR

Himikov-ul, 16

2 rooms +3809390671...
30 EUR

Shevchenko-ul, 9

2 rooms +3806340122...
25 EUR

Himikov-ul, 18

2 rooms +3809344553...
25 EUR

Ivanova-ul, 26

1 rooms +3809652699...
34 EUR

Primorskaya-ul, 15

2 rooms +3809337510...


1 rooms +3806330008...
34 EUR

Ulmira, 16

2 rooms +3809337510...
67 EUR

Primorskaya-ul, 19

4 rooms +3809679965...
38 EUR

Stroiteley-ul, 21

3 rooms +3806359360...


Daily apartments and houses in South

Sometimes I want to leave the metropolis for a while, go to a cozy city and enjoy pleasant impressions. Southern, a city in the Odessa region, is exactly the place where you can relax. However, the first thing you need to do is to find suitable offers for the query "apartments for rent in the South".

If you manage to rent an apartment in the South for a day, you can relax in the pleasant atmosphere of a cozy city. However, the reason for the trip to the South can also be a business trip. Anyway, the choice of affordable apartments will greatly improve your journey.

For those who want to rent an apartment cheaply and with maximum comfort, the site Oneday is created. Rent an apartment in South without intermediaries, inexpensive options, positive feedback from customers - all this offers this online resource.

Rent an apartment in the South for a day: five advantages of cooperation with

  • 1. The presence in the apartments of all necessary, including household appliances, dishes, bed linen. The owners of the apartments did everything possible to ensure that the travelers could comfortably stay in the rented apartment.
  • 2. Rent from owners. As mentioned earlier, renting an apartment in the South without intermediaries is the main advantage of Oneday. There is no need to pay a commission to a realtor and spend money on other expenses - therefore, you will save considerably.
  • 3. There are many options in the city center. However, if you want to rent an apartment in the South for a day in a residential area, you will also find worthy offers.
  • 4. Safe rental. For each tourist is important not only the cost of housing, but also security of residence, as in our days there is a great risk of getting caught with scammers. Cooperation with is guaranteed security, tested by hundreds of customers from Ukraine and foreign countries.
  • 5. Low price. Thanks to the Internet resource you are sure to find a comfortable option is quite cheap. And you can spend the saved money for pleasant rest and entertainment. The main thing is to choose a reliable site on the Internet-request "apartments for daily rent".

Apartments for rent in the South?

Southern - a city for a measured life, in an atmosphere which can be plunged headlong. So, when "renting an apartment in Yuzhny without intermediaries" has become a settled issue, it's time to think about where to visit this city.

For a start, you can stroll along the picturesque slopes, look at the musical fountain, just walk along the streets of the city. To find out more about the South, you can talk with local people who will certainly tell you about the secrets of this small but cozy town.

Also visit the sports complex, because he is one of the great pride of the South. If you are lucky, you will even get there for some sporting events.

And in order for your little trip to bring only positive emotions, choose only the verified offers on the request of the "apartment for the South".

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